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Looking for a loan to service your business needs? You’ve come to the right place.  At Motor Money, we understand how important it is to save time and money by selecting the right loan. A loan best suited to your business needs, whilst maximising your tax effectiveness and increasing cash flow.  Save yourself the headache and let us do the homework for you.  We have access to a panel of 30+ trusted banks and lenders, our analysts have the industry knowledge and experience to present you the most relevant and competitive offers on the market, in a process that is designed to be fast and hassle-free.  Contact us today to discover exactly how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Below is a list of loans that may be eligible for your business:

Chattel Mortgage

In a chattel mortgage financing arrangement, funds are transferred from the financier to the seller and the new customer takes ownership of the vehicle when the purchase is made. The financier will take a ‘mortgage’ over the car which acts as a security interest. Once all repayments have been made and the contract is finalised, legal interest from the financier is released.

Business structures that rely on the Cash method of accounting find this method of finance very appealing as it can allow you to claim the GST credits attached to the sale of the car. Your ability and extent to claim will depend on your individual circumstances. Contact us to determine this loan suitability for you.

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Low Doc

Low doc loans are a streamlined, time saving product designed to save you time and money. Provided you and/or your business meet one or more of the following criteria, we can have your application approved without the need for complicated financials or income tax returns.

  • Hold an active ABN for minimum of 12 months
  • Use the asset for more than 50% business usage
  • Clean credit file (no defaults or court judgements)
  • In some cases be a property owner or provide 20% deposit
  • Generally maximum borrow amount is $100,000

Contact us to determine whether this product is suitable for you.

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Commercial Hire Purchase

A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), is ideal for businesses that use the cash method of accounting as they are able to claim the GST associated with the vehicles purchase up front.
In a CHP agreement, the financier secures and pays for a vehicle on your behalf with an offer to hire it back to you for an agreed term. During the hire term you do not legally own the asset but can use it anyway you see fit. Ownership of the vehicle passes to you at the end of the term and only after payment of the total price including interest, minus any residual costs. Contact us today to determine whether this product is suitable for you.

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Finance Lease

Similar to a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), in that the financier retains legal ownership over the asset whilst fixed repayments are made. However, a Lease differs from a CHP in that at the end of the term instead of ownership automatically transferring to the customer you have the option to return the asset, purchase outright for an agreed upon figure or extend the lease term.

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Novated Lease

A novated lease is a cost effective way to make repayments on your vehicle with pre-tax income. The loan becomes a 3-way financial agreement between yourself, your employer and the bank. Repayments will be deducted from your regular salary before income tax is calculated, once the repayment is deducted you only pay your standard taxable rate on the balance, this can save you thousands on tax over the life of the loan.
Additional features of this product enable you to bundle the vehicles running costs into the same monthly repayment. Fuel usage, tyres and servicing can all be paid via your pre-tax income.

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Are you unhappy with the amount of interest you are paying? Has your work or living circumstances changed? Is your balloon/residual payment due? Most of all, can you save money? The answer is yes!

Motor Money has access to over 20 banks and lenders, each competing for your business. Using our experience and industry knowledge, we will negotiate on your behalf to find you a better deal. We can also assist in reducing the impact of your lump sum balloon/residual by giving you extra time to payout the balance. Contact us today improve the health of your loan.

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Rent To Own

Are you starting a new business or looking to expand an existing one? Wanting the latest equipment to give your business the competitive edge? Motor Money can provide rent-to-own packages for small, medium or large sized equipment. Coffee machines, IT solutions, construction machinery, you may be surprised to learn what can be rented.

The flexibility of rent-to-own means you can return the asset at the end of contract or purchase outright for a predetermined amount. Contact us to determine whether this product is suitable for you.

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Motor Money made my loan application very straight forward and easy. I phoned up and within a couple of hours I had confirmation on how much I could afford to borrow. They took care of the hard work which meant I could concentrate on finding the right car for the best price. I highly recommend Motor Money to anyone looking for competitive finance and excellent service.

Kate, Melbourne

I have been using Motor Money for all my business needs for many years now. The team know my time is valuable and understand what is important to me.  Since changing my finance over to Motor Money I have saved thousands of dollars on reduced interest and fees. I find the staff to be very informative and motivated to find me the best possible deal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing finance.

Alana, Melbourne

Thank you Motor Money for making my purchase so quick and easy. I will definitely use you again in the future.

James, Melbourne

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